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*The Only Fame in Town

As I am having a general – and, to be honest, borderline incoherent – ‘rap’ about fame, yes, certainly, I could start off quoting from the David Bowie song but that’s always a horrible thing to do (and in the wake of his, very upsetting, death, I’ve also stayed away from writing think pieces on […]

*War of the Adult Worlds

Recently, I watched a little film called Adult World, and I have to admit that, though it is not surprising, given my customary ignorance, the only reason I have heard of this movie is because I continue to keep abreast, as much as I can, with the career of Mr John Cusack. In the nineteen […]

*Kicks In The Head

I really spend a lot of time reading fat biographies of show business figures, not to mention press coverage of show business figures, not to mention reviews of theatrical productions that, realistically, there is no possible way I am ever going to get around to seeing. And, yes, I appreciate that all this has got […]

*Say Nothing

I realise that the conventional wisdom is that diversity of opinion is a good thing, but I simply cannot embrace this concept myself. I think a great deal about what the world would be like if everyone just agreed with me about everything and I have to say that it looks pretty good to me. […]