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*Grace Period

As Melbourne dragged itself into winter, it was becoming apparent to me that I was probably the only person in it, or perhaps even anywhere else, who was actually looking forward to seeing Grace of Monaco. However, if there’s one thing I like, it’s a film about rich people, so off I marched on the […]

*For the Grace of God

I would be willing to bet my almost-new copy of Madonna v Guy: The Inside Story of the Most Sensational Divorce in Showbiz (actually, very willing, as I was grievously let down by the way it contained almost more information about Ashtanga Yoga than it did about its alleged subject matter) that the least essential […]


DEAD. This was actually the first word of mean-spirited, if bestselling, memoir Mommie Dearest, and it was referring, of course, to the passing of never-off-the-clock movie star Joan Crawford. For the past couple of weeks, though, there has, unfortunately, been the need for this term to be used in reference to Elizabeth Taylor. Obviously, the […]