When I announced that I was going to see the Garry Marshall film Mother’s Day because I had the feeling (yes, I know I’m psychic) I was going to want to write something about it, a friend pointed out that it was therefore my duty to see Marshall’s other calendar-driven movies, Valentine’s Day and New […]

*There Won’t Be Blood

You may be under the impression you are reading a knock-off of Miss Taylor’s engrossing, if sadly premature, health-kick memoir Elizabeth Takes Off when I tell you that in 2015 I experienced a few golden months in which I had never felt better in my life. And the reason I felt this way was due to ‘the menopause’, […]

*The Only Fame in Town

As I am having a general – and, to be honest, borderline incoherent – ‘rap’ about fame, yes, certainly, I could start off quoting from the David Bowie song but that’s always a horrible thing to do (and in the wake of his, very upsetting, death, I’ve also stayed away from writing think pieces on […]

*Child-ish Humour

I finally got around to watching the movie Obvious Child, which I’d been wanting to do for a long time, because I’m all for people having abortions. I was not planning to put pen to paper about this flick, however, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered, but then I found I was thinking about it […]

*Joy Story

As everyone knows, the Christmas hols can be slim pickings at the cinema if you’re not trying to keep a gaggle of little children entertained, which is why I felt the urge to lose myself in the tale of a lady who invented a mop. I’ve got to be honest, I tend to prefer more […]

*Holiday Pay

I have just travelled by train with my mother from Sydney to Perth, having last year travelled by train with my mother from Adelaide to Darwin. Suffice to say, this means that I’ve now seen a whole lot of scrub, the viewing of which has been interspersed with much analysis of how Kate Middleton would really […]

*Soul Trainwreck

Now, I really like Amy Schumer. I like her so much I continue to be happy for her name to be mentioned in my presence, despite the way in which The Guardian posts approximately one article about her per minute, whether praising her, or burying her for not solving the problem of racism in twenty […]

*Male on the Beach

I thought I could not be more astonished than I was when I heard John Cusack was going to be playing Brian Wilson in the biopic Love & Mercy, but then I started to read all the favourable reviews of this seemingly doomed enterprise. Believe me, though, it was not that I was gunning for […]

*The Story of Them

I confess I am an individual who is perfectly capable of reading a book about a person of whose work I know nothing, merely so that I can get all the juicy juice about their personal life. And, therefore, even though I have no particular feeling for Sonic Youth, I was in a frenzy to get my hands on Kim Gordon’s […]

*Back to the Present

I was under the impression that the young people of today had seen and done it all – nevertheless, I enabled a fourteen-year-old boy to feel the sensation of shock, by informing him that I had only very recently seen the Back to the Future movies for the first time. So, as we are now in […]