The June 2012 Archive

*Pulling on the kid gloves

A fusillade of noncommittal reviews was hardly going to stop the likes of me haring off to the Jennifer Westfeldt-written-and-directed Friends with Kids, and this was even though I have, perhaps uniquely, seen the other two films that Westfeldt has written: Kissing Jessica Stein and Ira & Abby. Stein concerned, natch, a New York copyeditor who, after a lot […]

*White Chicks, Sitting Around, Writing

Imagine my total lack of surprise when, while reading the Sunday Herald Sun’s book-review page a little while ago, I first heard of a new novel entitled The Jane Austen Marriage Manual. Now, there’s simply so much about that piece of information that makes me doubt the worth of the human race continuing, as can be […]