The March 2012 Archive

*Miss Magazine

I really am devoting a massive amount of my time to reading weekend-newspaper supplements. Yes, indeed, who gives a tiny damn, except I’m sure that, in the case of certain of these, I’m somehow even less well informed after I have greedily consumed them than I was at the outset. At any rate, as I […]

*Could Be I’m Losing My Head

As there is almost nothing that I enjoy more than stories of conflict in intimate relationships – except, of course, stories about people who are living a double life and/or are massively in debt – I’ve been feasting, in the manner of INXS helping themselves to grapes in the ‘The One Thing’ video, on the […]

*Great Depression

A couple of years ago, it came to my attention that Mental Health Week in Victoria occurred at the same time as did the Melbourne Festival. Even though it seemed that this phenomenon of timing could hardly be conincidental, it is becoming more apparent by the day that you don’t exactly have to be Vaslav […]