The February 2012 Archive

*Good God, Norma Jean

I sprinted off to My Week with Marilyn virtually the second it opened, because there are few things that I relish more than a good old-fashioned show business biopic. Of course, as my companion on the day pointed out, this film is not actually a good old-fashioned show business biopic, given that it lacks the customary scenes of a bitter […]

*It’s Like a C….r

Really, I do not know why I persist in so eagerly devouring the opinion pages of major metropolitan dailies and reading other people’s tweets, given that I just find things with which I disagree violently, which then makes me rush into ‘print’ with my own pieces that, conceivably, will then merely cause irritation among my tiny readership, assuming, […]

*For the Grace of God

I would be willing to bet my almost-new copy of Madonna v Guy: The Inside Story of the Most Sensational Divorce in Showbiz (actually, very willing, as I was grievously let down by the way it contained almost more information about Ashtanga Yoga than it did about its alleged subject matter) that the least essential […]

*Mr Sandilands’ Magic Beam

Even though I usually baulk at buying and reading three whole newspapers on a Saturday, I bucked my own trend last weekend. This was because I wanted to read Caroline Overington’s story about Kyle Sandilands in the Australian Magazine, as he is on my mind a great deal these days. And how can it be […]