The January 2012 Archive

*The Right Stuff and Nonsense

  As I chowed down on my dinner, reading the restaurant’s copy of the Herald Sun because I was too lazy and cheap to purchase my own, my eye caught on an example of the kind of pointless list that editors seemingly green-light when the cupboard of inspiration is bare. In this instance, it was […]

*All Out of Love Story

Of late, I have been Harvard-ing it up by watching the television series The Paper Chase, about which there will be a great deal more from me later (probably much later, as I still have a fair bit of it to go, and series TV had many episodes in the cocaine-in-the-workplace-friendly nineteen seventies and eighties). […]

*Girl Trouble

It seems that this is to be the first column in which I will go all ‘gender politics’ – something that I do occasionally, in between talking about either the silver screen or about television programs to which other people feel either hate or indifference. My wading into a few different areas of this shark-filled […]

*How Can They See with Sequins in Their Eyes?

I spent the week of Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve in my old hometown of Sydney and to what a smorgasbord of thoughts this sojourn led me. These musings were much, although not entirely, to do with the glittering theme of musical comedy. To start with, there was the now-well-canvassed topic of Alan Jones […]