The May 2011 Archive

*Disorderly Conduct

I went to see Source Code recently, having been grimly aware that I wasn’t going to comprehend a solitary thing that happened from the start to the finish of this motion picture. And, indeed, I’ve almost never been more correct about anything in my life. That’s not to say Source Code isn’t a good film […]

*Roll Out The Barrels

I am in no way averse to a depressing motion picture, so off I duly trotted to Snowtown. However, I was quite taken aback on the morning I had my self-imposed appointment with the gloomy flick to discover that the weather was strangely springlike, as I’d been banking on seeing it on the kind of good old […]

*The Bold and the Unsuitable

I recently returned from a stint in Sydney but what I wish is that I’d just returned from a stint in Old Sydney Town. Were that the case, I would have seen a 1982 man dressed as a convict being violently ‘flogged’, and would also have acquisitively purchased some ‘gold dust’ in a tiny bottle […]

*On The Crown

I ended up seeing approximately two minutes of the royal wedding. Believe me, though, I had badly wanted to see the entire thing, especially since it’s been thirty years since we have had bona fide top-hole royal nuptials but, in a move that was highly unusual for me, I was out mixing with people last […]