The March 2011 Archive

*National Treasure Hunt

I’d been meaning to read Dannii Minogue: My Story for quite some time, primarily because I’ve long been interested in the author’s tussles with Lady Sonia McMahon during her brief marriage to McMahon son and heir, Julian. (Who could forget the short-lived Australian version of the National Enquirer’s cover story entitled ‘Lady Sonia Pleads: ‘Don’t […]

*Fired Up

As soon as I first read about the movie The Company Men, I was dying to see it (although what I would be most dying to see is The Company Men on a double bill with In the Company of Men, the sour balancing the sweet, as per Lennon and McCartney’s respective contributions on the […]

*A Place Where Nobody Should Have Dared Go

Nothing could have surprised me less than to read that Xanadu the stage musical had made its flamboyant way to Melbourne, and will then be strutting the stages of Sydney and Brisbane for many months. I’m all for a big gay night out, so had been entirely set to think that this state of affairs was just fine. […]

*She of Little Faith

I have written before on this very website of my ‘relationship’ with Nicole Kidman. This relationship is, essentially, that I really hated her a lot between the years 1987 to 1995, and then, by and large, turned into a staunch defender, simply because I now regard her as someone who at least puts her back […]

*Getting Close

Of late, I’ve been wolfing down as many episodes of bloody, yet glitzy, United States legal drama Damages as I can possibly squeeze into a day. I did give this particular program a shot when the first series screened on Australian free-to-air a few years ago, but my heart was not entirely in it because the frequent occurrence of […]