The February 2011 Archive


In a summertime frenzy of seeing the films of the moment, I took myself off to Mike Leigh’s latest, which is, of course, Another Year. Part of the reason I made sure I went was because I had been swayed by a certain reviewer making the bold declaration that it was his ‘movie of the […]

*Swanning Around

The second I got the facts on Black Swan, I found myself pretty desperate to see it. Suddenly, I was ten years old again and barely able to sleep because I was so thrilled at the prospect of visiting the Manly Silver Screen to watch Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft go head to head in […]

*It’s His Party

For some reason, every time my computer is turned off, it resets itself to 1970. This seemed more appropriate than ever on the Saturday that I took myself off to a matinee performance of David Williamson’s Don Parties On. Frankly, I was looking forward to it. Aside from anything, I respect and admire the whole […]