The November 2010 Archive

*Things That Dreams Are Made Of

Easily won fame and the institution of marriage are on my mind at the moment. This is, first, because of the Royal Engagement; second, because of the ascension of Ted Baillieu and his lady wife; and, third, because I recently read an ‘Ask Sam’ post on the topic of waiting for men to propose, in […]

*Up To His Old Hicks

I recently saw the documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story at ACMI. (Unfortunately, it has just now finished its run at that venue but I am confident there will be many more avenues through which to see the film for those who wish to do so.) As I waited for the session to start, I […]

*The Boost – Part 3

Occasionally, in a spirit of enormous constructiveness, I pay tribute to certain things from the days of yore that I have a craving to see return to centre stage. While I wouldn’t say that my doing so has exactly set the world on fire thus far, that hasn’t stopped me from producing Part III of, […]