The October 2010 Archive

*Common-or-Garden Rake

I’ve been interested to see how the ABC’s new ‘dramedy’ Rake was going to shake down and, at last, I have. My interest was due to, aside from the star-studded guest cast, the fact that I am far from averse to shows about lawyers. In fact, I regard these as essential to the continuation of […]

*Kicks In The Head

I really spend a lot of time reading fat biographies of show business figures, not to mention press coverage of show business figures, not to mention reviews of theatrical productions that, realistically, there is no possible way I am ever going to get around to seeing. And, yes, I appreciate that all this has got […]

*My Life Without Me

Against all advice, from both professional and amateur critics, and even though I have no fondness for the country of France, I belted off to see Sagan, the biopic about, of course, the writer of the same name. (I’d love to describe it as ‘new’, or even as a film, but it was actually made […]