The September 2010 Archive

*Burning Questions

For years and years, I carried on about how great it would be if I only had St Elmo’s Fire on DVD. For some reason, though, aside from the ongoing reasons of my laziness and cheapness, I never got around to acquiring it, even though I did get around to acquiring Sample People. Finally, however, […]

*Joaquin Off

This is almost a companion piece to my offering from last week, I suppose, given that I have, again, taken myself off to see a motion picture profiling an individual from ‘the business of show’. On this occasion, it was to watch I’m Still Here, which is, of course, Casey Affleck’s film about Joaquin Phoenix, […]

*River’s Edge

Recently, I took myself off to see Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. While I laughed away as I watched Joan in full flight on stage, calling her daughter a cunt for refusing an offer to pose for Playboy and thus the accompanying big payday, it did […]

*In Passing

I’ve spent a lot of my life in the pursuit of knowledge about famous people of all different types – usually, but not always, those in the entertainment industry. Take a look at my bookshelves and you’ll see that there are certain celebrities of whom I simply cannot get enough: in particular, Michael Hutchence, the […]