The August 2010 Archive

*‘Face’ the Music and Dance

I have to admit that I just watched 1996 Barbra Streisand opus The Mirror Has Two Faces for the second time. Yes, and the first time I saw it, my curiosity had led me to take the trouble to go to see it at the cinema, if you can imagine such a thing. Still, having […]

*Harvest of Hate

I am a person who spends a whole lot of time expecting to hate things. Frequently this expectation is realised but occasionally it isn’t. When it isn’t, it’s a toss-up as to how I feel about this development. I recall reading an interview with Alicia Silverstone in Movieline in which she revealed herself to be […]


Other Scrivener-connected personages and I have just spent the weekend in Byron Bay and enjoyed the experience to varying degrees. I had last visited ‘Byron’ twenty-six years ago, when I was still in high school. I have always remembered having had a grand time in this notoriously ‘laidback’ seaside town back in 1984, and consequently […]

*A Plea for Understanding

In case anyone reading this cares, I turn forty-two in a matter of days. Looking backwards rather than forwards for a minute, though, I recall that I was a morbid child, who was consequently mad for any book that had a title along the lines of They Died Young, and that trotted out the customary […]