The June 2010 Archive

*Diablo’s Playground

With my customary inability to keep up with what’s going on in the world, I have only just availed myself of the work of ‘noughties’ It Girl writer Diablo Cody. Three years ago, Cody, of course, became widely celebrated for having authored the screenplay of the film Juno, about a witty pregnant teenager. It’s taken […]

*Being Julia

I had spent a pleasant, newsless Wednesday glued to a magnificent book that examined comprehensively the Paula Yates–Michael Hutchence–Bob Geldof love triangle, and so was astonished when I saw the papers on Thursday and learned that Julia Gillard was going to challenge Kevin Rudd for the leadership of the Labor Party. I spent the early […]

*The Boost – Part 2

Quite a while ago now, I wrote Part 1 of what was intended to be at least two columns on the theme of ‘Things the Appeal of Which I Will Never Understand’. Even though there are a great many such things, I have never got around to doing Part 2, an oversight that I am […]

*Heaping Nicole on the Fire

Just lately, Nicole Kidman has been at the forefront of my mind. It all started when I went to see Gillian Armstrong’s Love, Lust & Lies, after having almost wound up in the wrong cinema (forcibly reminding me of a couple I knew who thought they were going to Howards End, accidentally seated themselves in […]

*In the Company of Women

I have to admit that I took myself off to see Sex and the City 2 at the weekend, having done exactly the same thing in the case of the first Sex and the City movie two years ago. I did this even though – which is what I find most astounding about all this […]