The May 2010 Archive

*Little Big Coleman

I was quite affected when I heard of the recent death of Gary Coleman. Initially, this was because I thought it was Gary Cole who had died, as I’ve always had to stop and take a second to determine exactly who was being discussed whenever either of their names was mentioned. The thing I’ve noticed, […]

*Lemon Meringue

I have to tell you, if there are two words I never again want to hear uttered in a comedy, it’s ‘biological’ and ‘clock’. But, readers, never fear, this isn’t going to be a womanish outpouring that will be all ‘fish out of water’ among the other Scriveners’, as ever, highly entertaining contributions; this is […]

*An ‘Age’ Old Debate

I appreciate that it must seem that I am way too late to get on board the opining-on-Catherine-Deveny-getting-sacked-from-The-Age bus. Even I would have thought so, were it not for my having just read the recent article by Deveny herself that came to me by way of the ABC’s website The Drum, by way of Crikey, […]

*The Boost – Part 1

Much about the past is simply appalling – I, for one, will never forget what it was like when the shops used to shut at midday on Saturday. Having said that, though, there are certain things from yesteryear that I crave desperately. This then is the first of what, I hope, will be at least […]