The April 2010 Archive

*Dead Man Working

For as long as I’ve been engaged in paid employment, I’ve had a fear of working. I don’t so much mean a fear of not being idle, although I mean that as well, but, rather, that I am always tortured with overwhelming uneasiness at the prospect of being in a workplace and carrying out duties […]

*Woolf It Down

Connubial discord has been in my thoughts this week, even more than usual; believe me, this is saying something, as, both in terms of its occurrences in life as it’s lived and its depictions in literature and in ‘the lively arts’, it is one of my very few interests. In part, marital strife is at […]

*Struck Off

The other day I was recalling the appearance of Hey Dad…!’s Robert Hughes in a television advertisement for toilet paper, which was filmed at the men’s lavatory in the foyer of the Sydney Opera House. Happily for me, this then caused my thoughts to turn not to the imbroglio that Hughes is currently smack in […]

*Administering a Beating

I’ve just been reading Amis & Son: Two Literary Generations. That’s a whole other story, and I only mention that particular work here because of some words it contains that made me start. The author, Neil Powell, describes ‘When I’m Sixty-four’ and ‘Lovely Rita’ thus: ‘the two songs which despite their jaunty surfaces most clearly […]