The March 2010 Archive

*The Best Little Telemovies in the World

Recently, I stayed up late two weeks in a row to watch each part of an English documentary entitled Super Skinny Me: the Race to Size Zero. It concerned two female journalists embarking on the activity described in the subtitle and, naturally, becoming obsessive about food in particular, and as intense as Rasputin generally, getting […]

*Fest Years of Our Lives

This week’s edition of The Scrivener’s Fancy is our tribute, if you will, to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF). Unfortunately, I, unlike everyone else who has written for the website in its entire history, cannot write with any real authority on this excellent topic. I only went to the MICF for the first time […]

*Let’s Pretend We’re Married

I was thinking just the other day about the fact that the only man I’ve ever discussed marriage with – getting married to him, that is, not just talked about marriage as a concept – was ‘a homosexual’, to get all Number 96. Never fear, I knew perfectly well that the man in question was […]

*Please Stay Fantastic, Foxes!

I note that the gorgeous and mouthy sexpot Megan Fox has recently felt the need to start acting more demure, and to announce that she’s only ever slept with two men: a ‘childhood sweetheart’ and Brian Austin Green, her current boyfriend. Now, while this statement is quite likely true, what bothers me is the probability […]

*Parties Will Tear Us Apart

It seems to be a thing with a lot of big stars that they need desperately to have people around them. For example, I recollect an episode of the television series of Fame in which a High School of the Performing Arts alumnus, who, I seem to recall, was some kind of Gregory Hines figure, […]