The February 2010 Archive

*Making Self-love Out of Nothing At All

I’ve never forgotten seeing an interview with Dannii Minogue on television in, I believe, 1996, in which she talked about what an attractive trait confidence is in a human being. She was discussing not so much what she found attractive in a man but making the point that being confident is the key to being […]

*Pray It Will End

It almost always takes me a long time to get on board either with anything new or with major bestselling books. I was initially anti CDs, DVDs and the Internet, and have no doubt that I would have been one of those people claiming that the talkies would never catch on. I’ll rush to buy […]

*Tales of the Unexpected

I have just spent a few days in the country. This is because my aunt died, and so my mother, my sister and my sister’s boyfriend had to hare up to the north coast of New South Wales to attend to the customary death-related matters. My aunt was eighty-four, and had had a good innings, […]

*Running Out of Air

I structured the most recent Australia Day holiday around an afternoon session of the acclaimed film Up in the Air. As is clear from the foregoing, I had greatly been looking forward to seeing it, thanks largely to its appealing trailer, but, in the end, having seen it interfered quite a lot with the good […]