The December 2009 Archive

*Yule, Light Up My Life

At this time of the year, it is only to be expected that while reading the newspapers one will discover ten million baby-boomer-penned articles on what an Australian Christmas was like when these people were children. It seems that they miss the old days, when they truly appreciated being able to eat turkey, and when […]

*I Lied and Went to Heaven

Last week, I had the great pleasure of going to the cinema on a weekday when I should have been working. Engaging in this activity can’t help but be a wondrous dream come true, even if you are, as I was, seeing The Invention of Lying. I’m not going to talk at any length here […]

*P.S. I Hate You

Whatever way you slice it, human beings are frequently very annoying. Moving among them is asking for trouble, but something that we must all do unless we have a large enough fortune to live in total seclusion except for encounters with an ancient retainer. I’ve often thought about staging my death, or otherwise organising a […]

*Act Down

I have, of late, been re-watching the HBO series Unscripted, which is about a group of actors living and working in Los Angeles. It’s classified as a comedy but, aside from the customary having-to-stand-on-the-street-wearing-a-stupid-costume-in-the-service-of-advertising horsing around, and a certain amount of ‘joshing’, it’s about as close to being a comedy as is The Panic in […]