The November 2009 Archive

*That Clinking, Clanking Sound

I just saw that movie The Box, which is about a couple in a moral quandary involving a large sum of money, a predicament that has come about due to a most unusual turn of events.  Seeing The Box took me back to the nineties and taking in another movie, A Simple Plan, in which […]

*Say Nothing

I realise that the conventional wisdom is that diversity of opinion is a good thing, but I simply cannot embrace this concept myself. I think a great deal about what the world would be like if everyone just agreed with me about everything and I have to say that it looks pretty good to me. […]


Having just seen his latest, Whatever Works, I must tell you that I think people have, for close to twenty years now, been too hard on Woody Allen movies. It seems to me that, thanks to certain of his activities in the early nineties, all WA’s films have come to be treated with immediate suspicion, […]

*Take Me To The Emerald City

When I was in Year Eight, my classmates and I, in a weekly lesson known simply as ‘Music’, used to have to sing an outlandish song about going to the Emerald City, where, for some reason, wizards were going to give us lemonade. The final line was ‘It’s a land of precious pretties/Ruby roses never […]