The October 2009 Archive

*A Ghost in the Machine

To my mind, the miracle of the Internet is that I can Google the name of any man in whom I have ever had any sexual interest and find out what he is up to these days. I don’t mean actual ex-boyfriends, because, sadly, they are few enough in number for me to be able […]

*The Class Struggle

One thing that I don’t think I will ever do again is get on the evening-class merry-go-round. I have done a few such classes in my time and what’s especially pitiable about this is that I always get really excited about the prospect of them. I lay my hands on a community college brochure and […]

*The Best Will in the World

There are two big Hollywood films that, much as I have tried, I simply have never been able to watch in their entirety. Of course, there is nothing unusual in not managing to make it through a film, but these are works that I’ve been attempting literally for as long as I can remember to […]