The September 2009 Archive

*Is Once Not Enough?

A question that has exercised my mind for a long time now is why anyone would ever force themselves to do anything again when they have a huge success to their name. I know that for me, just the one, even middling, winner to my credit would, were it sufficiently lucrative, be carte blanche for […]

*They Live

As do many people, I am sure, I have a complicated relationship with live performances of any stripe. There is so much expectation associated with them; so much bother and expense. Booking for a performance seems too much like laughing in the face of Fate, as far as I am concerned. I recollect that a […]

*All His Kristmases

I have of late been having a lot of discussions regarding Kristy Hinze and her marriage to James H Clark. What I find interesting about this, though, is that I’ve been conducting these discussions solely with men, and they have unfailingly taken a different point of view from my own. Don’t worry, this piece isn’t […]

*thirtysomething This Way Comes

Lately I have been devouring Internet comment about thirtysomething being, at last, available on DVD, if, as yet, only in the US. I still have a box of old videotapes on which I taped the show off free-to-air television in the early nineties, the covers of which have ‘Do not erase!!!’ scrawled all over them […]