The July 2009 Archive

*They Shoot Gift Horses, Don’t They?

Ever since I first heard the story, I have devoured any account whatsoever that I can find of all the upheaval that went on behind the scenes during the filming of Peter Bogdanovich’s The Last Picture Show in 1970. Just in case anyone kind enough to be reading this doesn’t know what I am referring […]

*Tis Pity She’s Not a Whore

I spend a lot of time wondering why there isn’t more competition to get into prostitution, or, as they used to refer to it in Sons and Daughters, to go ‘on the game’. Instead, one hears of all these young girls slaving to get into Medicine (if they fancy they’re good at maths and science), […]

*The Easy Virtue

One of the few things about humanity that I cannot understand is the existence of people who find it ‘hard to stop smiling’ and who ‘love life’. What I find equally as mystifying are those who ‘always see the best in others’ and ‘never say a bad word about anybody’. I have to be honest; […]

*Fate Is Enough

Possibly the most inadequate, and weak with hostility, I ever feel is when I read an interview with, for example, a sexually attractive young actress and discover that, in addition to the above, she’s lived her whole life in Manhattan and her father is a highly acclaimed theatre director. It was ‘just normal for her’ […]