The June 2009 Archive

*Everyone Says They Love Me

If there’s one thing that appals me, it’s people who are perfectly comfortable saying that they aspire to be role models. Now, how could you possibly want as a role model anyone who sincerely thinks they should be one? Why don’t these individuals just up and start their own religions if they believe that they […]

*Spitting in the Face of Common Sense

I always enjoy it when people refer to The Chaser team as ‘The Chasers’.  In fact, these days, I make a point of doing it myself. What I am not enjoying, however, is all the ludicrous flapdoodle that is taking place over the ‘Make A Realistic Wish Foundation’ sketch. Therefore, I feel the need to […]

*One Cooks, the Other Doesn’t

Of all the things that I just can’t get enthusiastic about, cooking would appear right at the top of the list. And of all the things about myself that trouble me hugely, such as my great bone-weary idleness that I must struggle every day to overcome and having provided inadequately for superannuation in my old […]

*How to be Your Own Best Friend

Ever since I was extremely young, what has got me through my monotonous days is the conviction that it is only a matter of time before I will be mixing with world-famous celebrities. I’ve always operated on the basis that eventually I would be the girlfriend of a huge star and that his big-name friends […]