The May 2009 Archive

*Attack of the Crones

If there’s one thing that gets to me, it’s the present-day advocation of ‘cronedom’. I am all for genuine crones, in their place – namely, elderly women in fairytales who have murder on their minds. What I object to is the concept that the state of being a ‘crone’, that is, a female in late-middle-to-old […]

*A Convenient Untruth

Almost nothing interests me less than does climate change and anything else that comes under the umbrella of ‘the destruction of the planet’. However, one thing I will give the environmental movement credit for is the way in which it assists modern-day high-school students to disguise as social awareness their natural disinclination to study. Back […]

*Analyse This Diminishing Return

I know people who find their sessions with psychologists/ psychiatrists (from this point, referred to here by the catch-all term of ‘therapists’) relaxing, and, therefore, worth every one of the large amount of pennies that these visits cost. Such people even look forward to them in a way that I, unfortunately, have never been able […]