*Being a great Post

Like every other human, I love a lot of things. However, my all-time favourites, if I were to make a list, aren’t the two that I’m peculiarly obsessed with to the degree that I’ve been thinking of something to do with one or both of them at least once a day since the late nineteen […]

*This is our most private practice

Sure, there are a lot of movies I detest. God knows, there are a lot of books I detest. But I enjoy watching television so much that I can count on one bejewelled hand the amount of shows that, if only they could be turned into flesh-and-blood people, I would love to see sizzling away in the electric […]

*Not Happy Nan

Controversially, I don’t have Netflix. This means that there are many works of cultural significance that I don’t get to see, and that I instead spend a lot of time watching season after season of sub-par medical and legal dramas, at least two of which I actively detest. Because of this, I haven’t actually seen Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette. I have, […]

*Back to Maine Street

Back in 2013, I cast my eye over every version of A Star Is Born then in existence: the 1937 one, with Janet Gaynor as Esther Blodgett; the 1954 one, with Judy Garland as Esther Blodgett; and the 1976 one, with Barbra Streisand as Esther Hoffman. I have now been to see the latest version […]


I’d often wondered what kinds of loons shell out for VIP packages, paying hundreds of dollars not to meet the band Fleetwood Mac in its entirety, and having to cope with the knowledge of how bored the celebrities must be at the prospect of shaking hands with all these nobodies and that surely they are […]

*Retirement plan

I NOW ONLY POST VERY, VERY OCCASIONALLY, as must be clear to anyone kind enough to visit this website. If you’re looking at how long it’s been between blogging drinks and thinking, ‘Geez, you’re certainly doing bugger-all,’ I have been, and am, concentrating on some more long-form writing projects. The point is, I am not […]

*The Amateur Juror

I have always wanted to do jury duty. I have always wanted to do jury duty because it is important. I have always wanted to do jury duty because it looks exciting. I have seen many movies and television shows that have led me to believe that were I to do jury duty, I’d be […]

*Bridget Jones’s Consolation

Recently I saw, within a few days of each other, Bridget Jones’s Baby and Joe Cinque’s Consolation, which, if nothing else, indicates my fascinatingly varied viewing tastes. However, it is not a case of ‘if nothing else’, giving that seeing these films caused me to fear that, although I like to call myself a feminist at this moment […]

*A message to my average-looking daughter

I suffer from an ongoing fear of being in the wrong cinema whenever I go to a movie by myself (due to people I know having accidentally gone to Sneakers when they meant to go to Howards End, and, strangest of all, not realising their error until Sneakers had been going for something like fifteen […]

*Reflections relating to a golden star

Yes, I’ve jammed the word ‘Reflections’ into the title of this piece because I’m quietly confident that doing so will give me carte blanche to jump around from topic to topic, without needing to make any kind of coherent argument; also, it sounds like the name of a bar in a Hilton hotel in the […]