*The Story of Them

I confess I am an individual who is perfectly capable of reading a book about a person of whose work I know nothing, merely so that I can get all the juicy juice about their personal life. And, therefore, even though I have no particular feeling for Sonic Youth, I was in a frenzy to get my hands on Kim Gordon’s […]

*Back to the Present

I was under the impression that the young people of today had seen and done it all – nevertheless, I enabled a fourteen-year-old boy to feel the sensation of shock, by informing him that I had only very recently seen the Back to the Future movies for the first time. So, as we are now in […]

*Reach for the Top

And so I stalked the Adelaide streets on the first, and so far only, Sunday morning I was in the South Australian capital, because I badly wanted a cup of coffee. Now, whenever anyone makes a big deal about wanting a cup of coffee I find myself wanting to shoot them in the eye, because […]


As I boarded the plane to Adelaide, where, with my mother, in celebration of her birthday, I would be catching the Ghan train to Darwin, I saw an old fellow with a Bill Kelty-style mop of hair wearing an ‘I’m not Mr Right I’m Mr Right Now’ t-shirt, and felt a surge of optimism that […]

*Mental Gymnastics

This month saw the rather baldly named Mental Health Week come and go but, to my mind, it did not seem strikingly different from any other week, given that many individuals these days are not exactly backward in coming forward in talking about the state of their minds. The common wisdom is that there is […]

*Ten-Allen drum

Of course, given that at midnight 2013 the world clicked over to a new year, there is another Woody Allen movie in current release. And the thing with Woody Allen movies is that, whether they are thought to be any good or not, seeing them never feels like a total waste of time, because at […]

*Decent exposure

Yes, I saw the much-derided Jake Kasdan flick Sex Tape and, yes, my life is empty. I took the time to go to the cinema for a viewing partly because as, I’ve proclaimed before, I like films about middle-class people who live in big houses; partly because I like Cameron Diaz, as she appears to […]

*Big Mamamia’s House

Unfortunately for me, though not for anyone else, I am not famous, and therefore I hardly ever attract abuse on Twitter. About the only time I can remember this phenomenon occurring was back when I was keeping myself entertained by tweeting my thoughts on Aaron Sorkin’s latest effort to kill by means of aggravation-based coronary – […]

*Grace Period

As Melbourne dragged itself into winter, it was becoming apparent to me that I was probably the only person in it, or perhaps even anywhere else, who was actually looking forward to seeing Grace of Monaco. However, if there’s one thing I like, it’s a film about rich people, so off I marched on the […]

*Brought to book

Recently I moved house and, yes, it was a great big old pain where I should have pleasure, but even I, a massive whinger, think the ‘so-called experts’ are overstating matters when they claim that doing this is almost as stressful as the death of a loved one or getting divorced, blah blah. Yes, it […]