*Little Children

I was helping my mother move house when, out of the clear blue sky, she pulled from the cupboard a most attractive christening robe that has been in the family for decades. As she does not have any grandchildren, we are not sure what to do with it, though my feeling is that we should […]

*On the Sweet Where They Live

In these times, of, seemingly, everything in creation being available to view at our whim, it was strange for me to revisit something that I was crazy about the first time I saw it and yet had never seen a second time: namely, the ABC’s 1984 television series Sweet and Sour. Unfortunately, the show is […]

*A Writing Chance

When I mentioned to a friend that, as my first piece for 2014, writing about writing was my exciting plan, he implored me, ‘For the love of Christ, don’t write one of those columns about how you don’t have an idea for a column!’ Then he referred again to one of his favourite anecdotes, about […]

*Why I Adore … Thank God He Met Lizzie

I am never sure whether it would make a person feel good or bad to hear that either they themselves or something they have created is thought to be severely underrated. Yes, naturally, being classed as underrated would be better than being classed as overrated, but the trouble is that it indicates a dearth of […]

*Baskin Case

On a recent unseasonably (at least, unseasonably anywhere but Melbourne) grey and windy spring Sunday, I did the best possible thing one can do on a grey and windy Sunday: namely, I watched the 1971 Herbert Ross movie T.R. Baskin. Now, this is a motion picture that most people don’t exactly have at the forefront […]

*The princess ride (or nappy ever after)

When I visited foggy London town this year, I did two things that demonstrate, once and for all, what a massive idiot I am. First, I forgot to go to that big old David Bowie exhibition; and, second, I was too cowardly to ask anyone at Harrods where I could find the Diana and Dodi […]

*Brideshead Revisited revisited

While generally I prefer, if I can, to demonstrate some faith in, and even some love for, works that many people hate, and carp away at works that many people like – which, by the way, is less for the purpose of being contrary than it is for, hopefully, endowing this ‘blog’ with even a tiny point – […]

*Fun with Liz & Dick

Imagine my delight when I tore the wrapping from one of my birthday presents and discovered a copy of the much-maligned biographical telemovie Liz & Dick. Had I a first-born child, I would gladly have traded it in for this bounty. I initially developed a keen interest in, and enthusiasm for, the love affair between Elizabeth […]

*Labor rattling

I have voted Labor in every election, state and federal, ever since I enrolled to vote, twenty-seven years ago; however, I am now intending never to vote Labor again, as long as I live. Now, the Labor Party probably does not care, given that I do not live in a marginal seat, and given that, even […]

*London belongs to them

One especially unhappy day, I endured some workplace-based training that was conducted by an Englishman. In a move not calculated to win over his audience, this fellow not only spoke at length about the wonders of Sydney, and how it measured up to his fantasy of, as he put it, suited businessmen walking around with surfboards (something I […]